week 50.

maya @ 50 weeks :: october 20, 2006

  • she says "banana" very clearly but we're not sure if she knows what it means.
  • she kicked her brother and her dad in the face (ian has a scratch on his cheek and rupert got it in the eye).
  • although still wobbly, she is starting to stand on her own more often, albeit only for a second or two.
  • she definitely knows who "artie" is (ian's stuffed animal penguin; his absolute favorite). not only does she take artie away from ian, but hides him too. the other day maya fished artie out of her hiding spot and then put him back in there. i asked, "artie wa?" ("where's artie?") and she went back to get him out of the hiding spot.
  • she caught another cold. she had slept so long (probably the longest she's ever slept) that i was getting worried because it's so unlike her, and hopeful that it was something she would continue, but it was probably because of her cold. darn!
  • instead of swallowing her water, she likes to spit it out. not just a dribble but a pretty good spit.
  • she's starting to call rupert "da-ee" instead of just "dada." after i get off the phone with rupert she starts yelling "da-ee! da-ee!" as if she knows i've been talking to him.
  • "ba-o" (bottle) is starting to become a regular part of her vocabulary.


AlmostDr.J said...

Wow, what an emerging personality. She seems like such a little imp. (I mean that it a really really good way) Can't wait to see her again!
A friend of mine introduced me to this really cool playground near us. I think a WWAM meeting is in order very very soon! Are you two free next Friday?

korky said...

Hello there ....
How is everyone...
Maya is looking so grown up.(well at least in this picture).
She is soo cute. We definetly have to see how our girls play.
we are moving soon, it is a little farther, but we will be getting a pool so I hope you will be able to visit....
hope to see you guys sooner than later.