week 49.

maya @ 49 weeks :: october 13, 2006
  • kisses objects like toys, windows, and stuffed animals but she won't kiss me very often.
  • i've decided to stop breastfeeding because all she does is gnaw and bite me the whole time she's eating. it's gotten much too painful to deal with multiple times a day. the last day i breastfed her was on 10.11.2006 and i think i'm cutting her off cold turkey. so far she's been content with formula and baby food, although she does on occasion point to her boppy.
  • she closes doors: whether it's the microwave door, refrigerator door or the screen door, if she sees it open she tries to close it.
  • she's figured out that if she wants to get down from a slightly higher surface (usually stacked cushions), she needs to turn around and go down feet first on her tummy.

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