14 months.

maya @ 14 months :: january 4, 2007
  • some new foods: japanese-style egg porridge, matzoh ball soup, pancakes, ikura (salmon roe), mochi (pounded rice cake), tangerines
  • wants to play lego star wars 2 with the boys; rupert had to give her an old controller because she kept bothering them. she totally perks up and claps when she hears the theme song.
  • went to knott's berry farm.
  • likes to swat at bubbles.
  • continues to be very musically oriented.
  • first playdate with grandpa (alone!): december 15.
  • likes to look at christmas lights.
  • not really waking up at night. it's highly possible that our extremely loud front lawn sprinkler system wakes her up at 4:30am.
  • current favorite toy: mini pink plastic flashlight (with no batteries) --> she uses it as a microphone. but she's also getting into playing with dolls, feeding and hugging them, tickling their tummies, dragging them along, making them dance.
  • took 15 steps while nene and ian were watching her during my doctor's appointment: december 18. since then she's preferred to walk by pushing around her red chair.
  • loves any kind of blanket. she doesn't have a favorite "blankie" yet.
  • she's getting really good at accurately throwing small balls.
  • she was great while rupert and ian were gone. she slept like you wouldn't believe; three hour naps, no waking up in the middle of the night! she was also super friendly and playful with all the family members and new people she met during the holidays.
  • new tooth on the bottom left; she's been eating like a mad woman, perhaps to ease the teething pain?
  • making more sounds that resemble babbling conversation.
  • favorite books: lift a rock, find a bug (which she has managed to totally rip up); a blue's clues chanukah
  • push walking her little red folding chair. she stashes a snack and a buddy (a stuffed animal or doll) in the seat and pushes the chair around the living room. occasionally she stops for a snack. she takes steps here and there but generally prefers her monkey crawl.
  • plays a game with ian in the car: she says, "boo!" (sometimes is sounds like "buh!") and expects you to say it back to her. this goes back and forth, faster and faster, until she starts laughing hysterically.
  • got a sesame street music toy for christmas and she loves to dance along to the songs.
  • loves to take baths.
  • wants to sit in our lap to eat.
  • definitely has a short fuse --> easily frustrated (gee, i wonder where she gets that from?) and throws fits, pounding, throwing stuff, hitting and crying.
  • she imitates "ha ha" laughs, especially when she hears the emperor laugh on lego star wars 2 and cookie monster laughs on her aforementioned sesame street toy.
  • new tooth discovered (probably came out earlier) on 01.01.07: bottom left molar
  • she actually enjoyes going to bed at night: rupert warms a bottle for her (they do the timer countdown together and he tickles her belly when it beeps) and they say good night (oyasumi) before going to her room.

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AlmostDr.J said...

Oh my god!

Who is that little girl? What did you do with the baby?

We need to plan a WWAM meeting soon. I miss seeing Maya. (oh and of course you too!)