new toy

it took two weeks but we finally replaced the laptop in the house. rupert was kind enough to quickly purchase a laptop so i could get back to emailing and blogging. usually it takes him forever to decide on a (high-price) purchase; not only does he research various options, but once you think he knows what he wants to get, he usually changes his mind and comes home with something else ... after like two hours at the store. but this time we looked through the sunday ads, chose a laptop, he went out and came home pretty promptly with the one we chose. so, thank you, dear. (fyi, i usually do not call my husband, "dear" because i am not a dutiful, nice wife.)

we have a decent desktop in the "office," which is actually half of the garage. but i've found that having the laptop in the house is so much more convenient. i can quickly check my email or write part of my blog posts throughout the day while keeping an eye on the kids, laundry, and food cooking on the stove. it felt weird going for days without checking my email or typing something. my fingers are a little rusty and my mind has wandered away from blog-mode so it may take me a few days to get back into the swing of things.

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allison said...

yay, rupert!