new project

i'm starting a new blog with ian called 365books. his goal is to read 365 books this year. i would also like to read more books in 2007 (i finished a measly 13 chapter books last year ... 13!), so i'll also be documenting the books i read too.

i don't think we'll be writing full-on book reviews -- just documenting the title, author, illustrator, and, if we have time, if it was good or not. maybe we'll try to come up with a rating system ...

anyway, if you have any recommendations, please let us know by leaving comments for us. (ian is probably at about a second or third grade reading level, but he also enjoys picture books and non-fiction reference-type books.)

[edited 01.14.2006: give me a few days to get 365books in order. i'm still trying to decide how to "rate" the books and, although it's a sell-out concept, i've decided to join the amazon affiliates program and include a product link to each post.]

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Brian said...

a book a day? Where's the time for Playstation??? you wouldn't want reading to damage ian's fine motor skills :)