i {heart} the library

one of my new year's resolution is "spend less, save more" (i'm not sharing the rest of my resolutions because then i'll be held accountable) and one of the areas i intend to spend less money on is books.

that doesn't mean i'm going to read less. quite the contrary, i intend to read more. (and i don't think it would even be possible for me to read less than i did last year. as i mentioned before, i only read 13 books last year. how pathetic is that?)

i love books. i like to read, but i actually think i love having books around me even more than i like reading them. it brings me great joy to be surrounded by books; no surprise i love hanging out at bookstores and buying books. also no surprise that i enjoy and admire my bookshelves, even though they're full of books i haven't read ... books i've owned for years and years. so it seems like kind of a waste of money to keep buying books if i'm not going to read them.

instead, i plan to use my public library more. lucky for me our library is half a block away; i walk by it everyday on my way to drop ian off at school. it's a small branch of the county library system but they have a pretty good selection. and what i can't get at this branch i get by ordering online from a different branch.

i was totally thrilled today when i came home with eight books i've wanted to read, most of them new releases. had i bought them all i would've had to spend $100 on hardbacks or wait months for the paperback to come out. but now i get to read them for free and they won't take up space in my house. yay "free"!


Steliza said...

Thank you for the reminder of Y! I have had on my past resolution lists to finally go to our local library. Still have not done it, unfortunately it is not open full time...but with your encouragement maybe 2007 will be the year I finally follow through and it really would be a great way to save money and commit to reading more, since I would have due dates!

allison said...

hi yucaree, great to see you online! thanks for all the posts, i like your resolution! and here's where i, uh, confess, that i didn't even make it up to 13 books this year. try...well, i won't reveal this measley number publicly. :-)