15 months.

maya @ 15 months :: february 4, 2007

  • new tooth: 01.22.07, bottom right molar
  • mid-month she figured out she could push her red folding chair to the couch and climb onto the couch. so i took the red chair away. then she discovered her legs are now long enough to get on to the stools we have around the coffee table for ian (before she would always try to get on them but couldn't quite get her foot up). and if she can get on the stool, then of course she can get onto the coffee table. before i could take the stools (and the coffee table away), she realized that if she's tall enough to get on to the stools unassisted, she can climb on to the couch without the red chair. i warned her that if she gets up there unsupervised she could fall down and get hurt. sure enough she fell off the couch the first day and cried. but she's been more careful since then and hasn't fallen off; she can slowly slide herself off the couch. and i've been more careful by putting floor cushions on the floor to break her fall.
  • she jumps on the couch. well, not really jumps, but she tries to jump by gaining momentum from the springiness of the couch cushions.
  • because she's still quite skinny she can wriggle out of lap belts (it doesn't help that a lot of our baby stuff was ian's and they don't have shoulder harnesses). she fell out of her stroller while walking home from the park because she likes to stand up in her stroller. i predict the next thing she'll fall out of is her high chair.
  • eats anything and everything, especially if it comes from our plate. lately i've been making dishes ian isn't too fond of (like korean bibimbap) but maya will eat it all up.
  • kinda gross but here's a funny story: she ate some shimeji mushrooms and as i was changing her diaper i noticed one had gone through undigested (and unchewed). unfortunately, she hadn't completely passed it and only the cap was sticking out of her tush. i had to pull the rest of it out!
  • understands more japanese. i can ask her, "mou gochisousama?" (are you all done eating?) and she'll either smile (yes) or shake her head and keep eating. i think i've finally gotten her to stop eating on my lap; i insist she eat in her high chair and she must be sitting before i'll give her her food ("osuwari shitechoudai"). of course, she sits so i'll put food in her mouth but then she stands right back up.
  • she waves hello and good-bye at people and dogs.
  • she rubs her nose and blows out a lot when her nose is stuffed up. it seems like she'd be good at actually blowing her nose into a kleenex, something ian couldn't do forever.
  • scared of the vacuum.
  • can go down the big slide at the park.
  • really started walking on 02.01.2007 at my parents' house ... the carpet does seem to help.
  • 02.02.2007: discovered another tooth on the bottom left, between her front teeth and her newish molar.
  • when she sits with me at the computer she likes to try to type on the keyboard.
  • she's learned to say, "uh oh" at pretty much the appropriate times, like when she drops stuff.
  • part of her bedtime routine is a bottle. she and rupert microwave the bottle and do a countdown. when the microwave beeps she automatically says, "nai-nai" (night-night). she's also gotten super good at slamming the microwave door shut.
  • she is definitely a part of our tv-watching family, bad as that is. she likes sesame street, blue's clues, wonder pets, the backyardigans ... she doesn't watch the entire episode but if there's music playing she'll pay attention for a bit.
  • i'm starting to let her feed herself (it's more of a neatness, control issue for me than anything else): i'll skewer a piece of food on her baby fork and hand it to her to eat.
  • as a sign of her generosity she often offers the other babies in her rie class toys ... except that she often insists that the toy should go in their mouths. baby A has gotten used to her shoving balls into his mouth; he just opens his mouth when she goes near him.

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Akiko said...

Wow, Maya is really growing up--she can walk now! That's cool too that she can understand Japanese. ;)