love day

happy valentine's day!

to be truthful i'm not particularly fond of this holiday ... but come to think of it there are very few holidays i actually am fond of. i know, i'm a party-pooper.

anyway, it's not that this holiday isn't special to me and rupert. in fact, this time of year is significant to us in many ways.

13 years ago we started "dating" on february 12. this is actually a date we chose after the fact, rather arbitrarily, because we never started our relationship formally. we just sort of transitioned into it effortlessly from our friendship.

exactly a year later rupert unofficially proposed to me with a promise ring in his dorm room at cornell, tom waits playing in the background.

five years later, right around this time, we conceived ian ... on accident.

and five years after that maya was conceived ... on purpose. (i'm sorry, was that more information than you needed?) but i don't know what we were thinking with that one!

so it really is a special time of year for us. valentine's day kinda heightens the mood because everywhere around you are hearts and reminders of love. but we never do anything on v-day because every restaurant is crowded, flowers are overpriced (i insisted to rupert that he not buy me flowers because of the outrageous cost; i mean, really, imagine all i could buy for myself with that money!), and the 12th is more important to me.

this year, rupert surprised me and got me this, which he loaded with a bunch of songs. i totally love it! it is amazingly tiny: 1"x1.5" and only a quarter inch thick. it holds just enough songs for me and i can hide it away so maya doesn't grab for it. i'm listening to it right now, in fact. thanks honey!
and what did i get rupert, you ask? a $6.99 pair of slippers from cvs. romantic, huh?


Anne Huber said...

aaron and i started dating in february too, go figure. the 28th to be exact. well, happy V-day. aaron made heart-shaped falafels for dinner. yum. -anne

Brian said...

laura and I never get eachother anything for valentines, and I like it that way.

I can't believe you let the cat out of the bag that Ian wasn't exactly planned. has he done the math yet (being born, what, 4-5 months post-wedding?)