understatement of the year :: i'm not a multitasker

on top of my laziness i have this thing about not being able to do more than one thing at once. it makes being a mom/housewife difficult sometimes; today should i do the laundry or wash the dishes? i can never do both.

the same is true for my hobbies. i have to be obsessed with just one at all times. for the last year and a half it's been the blogosphere, both reading and posting. i can, and will, sit in front of the laptop for hours on end each day hoping one of the blogs on my blogroll gets updated.

but then, out of the blue, i'll think to myself, "why am i wasting my time everyday reading posts when i can do it every other day?" so i'll switch over to reading real books.

i'll finish a couple of books and then i'll need a break. it's scrapbooking to the rescue! i'll spend a few days or a week struggling with a layout (or two, if i'm productive). you may have noticed that february has mostly been about reading books and scrapbooking.

but the last couple of days have been spent making these :: taggy blankets. i made one for maya and a friend's daughter awhile back, but i decided to make more as gifts and, hopefully, to sell.

i'm not sure what readership is like on this blog, but if possible i'd like some feedback about what people think of the blankets. i'll have more pictures and details at my other blog: sleepyheadpaperdesigns.blogspot.com.

the blankets measure approximately 18"x18" and have tags (satiny, grosgrain, velvety ribbons) running down the center and all the way around. the tags are different colors and textures to make it a fun, tactile and colorful blankie for babies to play with and be comforted by.

the back is fleece and the front has two panels each of flannel and chenille so it's very soft. i use the different fabrics to add even more texture to the blanket.

i'd like to sell each blanket for $16 + shipping. i'm wondering if people would be interested in purchasing something like this at that price. they make great baby shower gifts. i find that babies around 7~9 months really start showing an interest in the blanket, but the size is great for newborns and toddlers.

depending on the feedback i'd really like to concentrate on creating things to sell (over at etsy); besides the taggy blankets i'm hoping to get back into card making, custom scrapbooks, and baby items (like onesies and bibs). wish me luck!


AlmostDr.J said...

ooooh i can vouch for those taggy blankies. although i don't have a yucaree original, i got a yucaree-inspired one from allison. toto LOVES her taggy blanket. i would buy one as a gift for sure!

Krimey said...

what a great idea! alden loves to pull on the tags on all his toys & blankets. i also think the custom scrapbooking sounds like a great word of mouth business, especially when you hit the baby shower circuit. this past winter, one of my girlfriends actually asked me to compose her holiday letter to "glorify" her family's 2006 activities! Similarly, I'm sure there's plenty of people out there who have neither the time nor the skill set to use pictures to make their family life look more interesting than it is! :P

Laura said...

I think the blankets look great, and that the price is very reasonable compared to other handmade baby items I've seen.