you know you're getting older when ...

what's your favorite food? it's one of those questions you get asked a lot, even as a little kid. and your answer changes, right? but one of my answers has never changed, ever since i could utter the words in english: fried chicken. i absolutely looooooooove fried chicken.

but when i hit 30 something unimagineable happened. my stomach started rejecting the greasy, crunchy glory that is fried chicken. i could enjoy a few pieces but, without fail, 12 hours later i would get an upset stomach. at first i brushed it off but i can deny it no longer -- i'm getting too old for fried chicken.

last night ian and i bought fried chicken because rupert was out for the evening (he's not too fond of the stuff). we took it over to my parents' house to eat. i managed two pieces before i had to admit it wasn't as tasty as the (homemade) leftovers my parents were eating. honestly, i was in shock. i had supreme confidence in my ability to love -- above all else -- and eat fried chicken until the day i die, but i'm not so sure anymore. adding insult to injury, i had to curse my stomach when it disagreed with the chicken the next morning.

and that's why it sucks to get old.

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