21 months.

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maya @ 21 months :: august 4, 2007
  • new favorite books :: chicka chicka boom boom (which she calls "boom boom boom") and go, dog, go! she'll "read" go, dog, go! in two languages: "go, wan wan, go!" ... and upside down.
  • finally saying japanese words :: hai --> yes; dakko --> carry me :: although sometimes it sounds like gakkou (school), which is where i wish she would go.
  • first trip back east to connecticut and new york city. that is the last time i get on a plane with maya without getting her her own seat.
  • swimming "lessons" at the local pool :: sort of blowing bubbles in the water, although i suspect more often than not she's drinking the water rather than blowing out air. one day it was freezing and she said "cold cold cold" for the first time, so she must've been pretty miserable in the water.
  • getting close to throwing tantrums in public. at the market the other day she almost threw herself down on the floor to start kicking + screaming, but when i turned away to ignore her she stopped immediately. what can i say? she's a moody, violent, hysterical girl ... just like the women on mama's side of the family.
  • she finally did it ... after three months she can now say each sound in her brother's name :: ian!
  • she's been spending a lot of time pants-less lately (with a diaper, of course ... although she's quite capable of taking it off).
  • each morning i get her (which isn't often, to be honest) she asks me, "where ian? where dada?" and after i change her diaper she demands to "eat! eat! eat!"
  • did i ever mention she cracks up when she watches teletubbies? this started a couple of months back but she laughs hysterically at certain parts of the show. i don't get it but it's funny to watch. she is a complete tv-nut, which is definitely my fault since i allow her to watch it a lot. am i using the tv as a babysitter? you bet!
  • she's still wearing 12~18 months (and smaller) clothes.
  • likes to do somersaults on the bed and couch. will attempt them on hard surfaces but she's not as successful.
  • starting to recognize letters in the alphabet ... i should get working on the japanese alphabet too.
  • her current favorite lunch is hummus ("mush") and pita bread. current favorite fruit :: grapes.
  • gets into the game cabinet, pulls out boxes and just dumps the contents all over the living room. we're constantly picking up cards and game pieces off the floor.
  • besides snoopy she's taken up daisy as her second favorite stuffed animal; she calls her "kack kack". the real reason this is cute is because this particular daisy was ian's favorite stuffed animal when he was two.
  • thankfully she willingly goes down for her nap after lunch, as long as she has her favorite blankies (with the dogs on them), a stuffed animal (or two) and a kiss on the nose.

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Krimey said...

oh i've got you beat yucaree! aj's *still* wearing his 3-6 baby gap shorts! of course it's the only thing in that size that still fit him - perhaps they do run a bit baggy... :P