buzz cut

buzz_cut_082007 (unfinished)

i still have to do the journaling on this one and find out when the pictures were taken (i think it was 2003). it was scraplifted from creating keepsakes magazine (june 07 issue, pg. 59)

it was the first time ian got his hair cut really short. until then i'd only trimmed his hair so he perpetually looked like a little (brunette) dutch boy. he wasn't as afraid of the hair trimmer as he was of scissors so for a few years after this he only got his hair buzzed.

[click on picture for details about materials.]

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful story board photos/layout. They do tell the story for you. Great dymo label touch and phrases. You are a talented writer Y, as well as scrapbooker! And what a perfect use for a little bee, adds a nice "kid" touch to the layout and still so theme appropriate.