year 6

i'm really happy with the way this one turned out. i scraplifted the idea from elsie flannigan's 52 scrapbooking challenges (pg. 47). i'm trying to learn how to layer more without looking too cluttered.
there's no journaling on this, but it's a family picture taken at our local park on our sixth wedding anniversary (the title would've been better as "6 years" now that i think about it). rupert and i totally forgot it was our anniversary and instead of going out we went for a walk to hit baseballs with ian at the park.
i remember :: maya fussing after awhile because she didn't want to be strapped into her stroller; gnats flying all over the place (hate that!); ian was so proud of the "best attitude" baseball he earned at baseball camp; i sat on orange graffiti on the park bench and got my butt graffited second-hand; and rupert took a picture of it!
[click on picture for details about materials.]

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Anonymous said...

This layout is soooo fun and totally love the photo of your family. Oh, I love the color, love the kraft background, all the details and that wonderful flower on Maya, so she is seen in the photo even though her head is turned and how it makes you visually focus on the overall photo. Terrific layout for a truly terrific family!