grody to the max

i have been a superbad housekeeper as of late, letting the dishes stack up, the toys clutter the living room, and the laundry go unwashed. but something was clearly not right with the smell stench in the kitchen. rupert did the dishes, which seemed to help but the laundry area off of the kitchen (which is where we come into the house and take off our shoes) continued to smell very odd, like something was rotting.

after a week of not knowing what the cause of the smell was, i finally figured it out. there was a huge bag of potatoes at the bottom of the pantry closet i forgot about. when i pulled it out a small swarm of fruit flies escaped and the bag was covered in little maggots. ewwwwwww!

unfortunately, the garbage had just been picked up so i double-bagged the rotten, infested mess and threw it in to our garbage bin praying i had contained it enough until pick up next week.

since then i've been swatting and squishing the fruit flies that have now made the kitchen their home.

you'd think this would motivate me to clean up a bit more but you'd be wrong.

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Anonymous said...

Your house is home...not a museum...and it is always clean, so you are not telling the truth. In homes, things don't have to ALL be put away and dusted every single day or even twice a day. Homes are comfortable and the families that live in homes, and not houses, spend their time doing more important things, like enjoying each other and just enough time to keep the home tidy and picked up enough. Your house is NOT a mess...trust me I have seen messes...yours is not. Keep enjoying your kids more than worrying about mopping, dusting, etc. daily.