just another day, but a day just for us

waiting for the ceremony to start waiting for the ceremony to start

last night, as we were going to sleep, rupert says to me, "eight years ago we were sleeping separately." i was like, "????" until i realized he meant that we spent the night before our wedding apart (me at my parents' house, rupert at our apartment).

this morning, before we could tell each other, ian groggily said to us, "happy anniversary!"

indeed, happy anniversary rupert! we didn't do anything special per se, but we did spend our evening playing rock band, our anniversary gift to each other. i love you!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversay and Belated Birthday wishes for you too Y!

I have to say, you two are truly a "meant to be together" couple. And I don't say that about everyone, either. You two share such love and friendship with each other...you are an amazing couple (and birthday gal too!).

Sorry, dorky friends like me to get a card in the mail to you...my Aunt is waiting for hers too, if it makes you feel any better. I did think of you though! And sent some birthday wishes your way still...just not in physical form.