gotta keep running

ipod nano and nike+

for my birthday my step-sis, D, really went all out and got me a nike+ and pitched in for a nano. she's been so supportive of my running and this shows it!

as much as i love the shuffle rupert got for me, i really love the nano since i can have more than one playlist on it and the display is great. the nike+ is super neat, too :: it keeps track of your runs (distance, time, calories) and then you can upload it to the nike site to see how you're progressing.

now i'm just waiting for the armband i ordered off of ebay to come so i can go for some nice long runs.

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Anonymous said...

Love your birthday gifts and all the thought and love that was put into selecting them for you.

While *I* owe you thanks for inspiring me to get back to running (have ran 10 miles now in the last two weeks, so looks like I am making the habit stick again)...my blisters are cursing you!