what i made for dinner :: roasted pork tenderloin + asian avocado salsa

what i made for dinner :: pork tenderloin + asian avocado salad
i love getting new issues of bon appetit; without fail i'll find something that makes me drool and seems easy enough for me to make quickly. this month's issue was no exception.

i'd been letting some avocados ripen on the counter for a few days for a different recipe but decided to use it for the asian avocado salsa. now, what to put the salsa on, that was the question. i headed to tj's to have a look around; i was thinking either pork, skirt steak, or tuna. i settled on pork tenderloin, which ended up being a good choice.

unfortunately, tj's did not carry three of the vegetables listed in the ingredients (watercress, green onions, and jicama). and then ian started complaining about a stomach ache so i grabbed some microgreens and hoped for the best.

when i got home, i checked the radishes in the fridge, hoping they were still good (to substitute for the jicama) but no luck. then i remembered there was a single japanese cucumber on the vine in the yard. perfect.

i roasted the pork in the oven after rubbing it with olive oil, salt and pepper. meanwhile, i made the "salsa," which in the end didn't really seem like a salsa but more like a salad. i omitted the green onion (because i didn't have it) and the wasabi (since the kids would be eating it). i have to say, though, the modifications i made were great. rupert and i really enjoyed both the pork (way better than pork chops) and the salsa/salad. it was really refreshing for a warm summer evening.

i think if i make this again for, say, a seared tuna, i'd use the green onion and wasabi. i can see various versions of this salsa being great with a variety of meats.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, this looks yummy and I marked that Asian Avocado salsa recipe as one to try out too. Maybe I need to try to recreate your lovely meal some time this weekend with your suggestions! Depends on how much time I have to go get groceries and actually be at home to prepare and cook though.