33 months.

maya rockin' out

maya @ 33 months :: august 4, 2008

  • sings really random songs like, "don't know who farted" ... at least, that's what we think she's warbling
  • second time at the movies :: wall-e
  • her legs are finally long enough to pedal her tricycle
  • she is a sticker fanatic. but, unlike her mother who hoards stickers, she likes to use 'em up. she sticks them all over the place :: her body, her face, the glass on our cabinets, the floor, the exercise ball, the inside of the car door, etc. luckily, she gets lots of free stickers at tj's, which i don't mind her using up immediately, but sometimes she gets into ian's sticker drawer and wreaks havoc.
  • her favorite vegetable continues to be kyuuri (japanese cucumber) sticks
  • lots of running = constantly scraped knees
  • likes her swimming "class" :: she'll dunk her head underwater if i make her but she prefers to kick around the water on her back (but she keeps her ears out of the water)
  • will take showers now but needs a bit of coaxing to look up so i can rinse her hair
  • loves to talk about her "friends," who are really ian's friends
  • hanging from the kitchen counter, door knobs, and her crib railing
  • keeping summer hours :: staying up waaaaay past her bedtime
  • her favorite movie :: little mermaid (watching it now, that movie looks really crude and the storyline is pretty weak compared to animated movies today)
  • coloring and drawing with pens and colored pencils. they're mostly squiggles, but if she shows me a random shape and claims it's me, i'll ask her where my eyes are, and she'll go back and add eyes. i also bought her some crayola paintbrushes but i don't recommend this particular item (they're frustrating ... for kid and parent)
  • miralax is really helping with her constipation; she now goes almost everyday, which hasn't happened since her first 10 months of life! she loves putting a happy face sticker on the calendar after she goes; she's very proud. she also insists on looking at the unchi in her diaper. yuck.
  • becoming a little star wars fan because of ian's obsession with playing star wars battlefront, currently her favorite video game to watch.
  • likes getting her ears cleaned with q-tips. she's always bringing me q-tips from the bathroom and i have to tell her that they don't need cleaning that often.
  • she heard ian and his friend spew, "that's not fair!" during star wars battlefront so she said it happily for a few days without knowing what it meant :: "i shwim [swim], that not fair!"
  • ian taught her how to play jyanken (rock-paper-scissor). we're not sure if she totally understands the "rules" but it keeps her occupied in the car.


Krimey said...

we definitely have to get together for a playdate after swim season is over - i can't wait to hear the fart song in person!! :))

Anonymous said...

What a precious little girl you are raising. Definitely not a "baby" any more! She is not only cute but very smart. The smart part is what tries your patience and the cute part helps you not want to give her away!