26 months.

maya 26 months
maya @ 26 months :: january 4, 2008

  • while watching bits of "pirates of the caribbean: at world's end," she identified davy jones as tako, japanese for octopus.
  • her current favorite movie is "monsters, inc." and "toy story 2 ("buzz! buzz!")"
  • much to my chagrin, she has been carrying around the ugly doll i had hoped to keep for myself. she calls it "dah-yee."
  • her bedtime routine is getting longer and more difficult since she doesn't want to go to bed ... i speak of this as if i am suffering but it's rupert's job to put her to bed so it's not my problem. ;)
  • it seems totally wrong -- but somehow appropriate -- that all of maya's hanukkah gifts were dvds while ian's were books.
  • she has picked up the very nasty habit of nose picking ... ewwww!
  • she got sick randomly with the stomach flu. it was her first time vomiting and it was not a pretty scene. oddly enough, after that she vomited a couple of times in the middle of the night for no apparent reason.
  • she's a complete natural at playing the drums.
  • first trip to SF for new year's. during the new year's party at our friends' house she dropped a whole plate of lemon bars on someone's coach purse. yay!
  • stringing more words together into sentences ("already kissed mama," "dada do it," "i want one"), and she'll say some more words in japanese, but usually either the first or last sound so you really have no idea what she's saying.
  • starting to memorize right foot and left foot.
  • more potty time (with daddy) ... she's now peed more times in men's bathrooms than in women's bathrooms. when she tells you she needs to go shi-shi she usually does go in the toilet. bathtime also seems to trigger unchi (poop) in the toilet.
  • sings songs ... sort of.
  • figuring out how to use the dvd player; she can also properly handle dvds ... most of the time.
  • when she hears the toaster "ding!" she automatically shouts out "waff! (waffle)" and confiscates the waffle from whoever toasted it.
  • i have been giving her "good bacteria" pills for her digestive tract and she just loves them. when she asks for one, she says, "i want five" but holds up all ten fingers. still have to work on the counting ... (and a whole lotta other stuff)

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Allison said...

you gotta teach her how to say, "leggo my eggo" with the waffles thing. :-)