to do :: this week

normally i'm not what you would call "busy." instead, my busyness comes all at once, as these things tend to do.

as i age i'm finding it harder and harder to remember things. and if i don't forget, then i remember too well, to the point of anxiety. the easiest solution, of course, is to write it down. problem is, i have three calendars and keeping them all up to date is a task in and of itself.

so, what does any sane person do? make another list in a completely different place ... here ::

  • smog check; pay car registration
  • pay mortgage
  • pay property tax
  • buy packing tape
  • get gas
  • mail tagE*blankEs to customer
  • return one of ian's christmas gifts to amazon (sorry, K, we decided to return it after all)
  • mail back rupert's old cell phone for e-cycling
  • mail in rebate for my new cell phone
  • mail gift to friends' new baby
  • mail survey for follow-up to pre-natal study
  • make another tagE for separate customer; deliver tagE after maya's rie class
  • training session at gym
  • get groceries
  • work on pta newsette; get newsette printed; deliver newsette
  • work on invitation order; deliver final products on thursday
  • ian playdate @ park on wednesday
  • watch and return netflix movies (quinceaƱera, waitress); watch and return library movies (the saddest music in the world, hoot)
  • read and return library books (the mysterious benedict society, when asia was the world, auralia's colors, blink, the palace of laughter)
  • finish up sample for mini-book class; send out class info/invite
  • make more tagEs for the coming month
  • keep going to the gym!

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