feeling the burn

yesterday was day five of the fitness challenge. and i've been good :: eating better (a little bit) and working out five days in a row. it wasn't vigorous activity everyday, mind you, but i was moving.

having a fitness buddy has made all the difference in the world. not only do we encourage and motivate each other, but i think we guilt-trip each other into getting out of the house to exercise. and besides having to log in everything we eat, telling each other our food consumption always makes me think twice about that extra bite i'm tempted to take.

a couple of days ago i joined the gym P belongs to. it's close to our house and P made sure i got a fairly good deal. rupert wasn't mad i joined (we're on such a limited budget right now), but he declared he would be mad if i didn't go. more pressure to keep this up.

i was slightly sore from the first night at the gym, but then P had to go and invite her trainer buddy to join us last night. i got worked! i used muscles i didn't know i had ... or i knew i had but they're hidden so deep under my fat that they're virtually non-existent. i couldn't help but laugh at some of the things she asked me to do :: "are you serious? you want me to do that?!" i did them, though. maybe in my own feeble, weak way, but i did them.

and i'm paying for it this morning.

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