28 months.


maya @ 28 months :: march 4, 2008
  • bugs really, totally freak her out ... especially if they find their way inside the house. sometimes she'll find an ant in her room and she will burst in wails and tears until i get rid of it.
  • now watches "nemo [lilo] and stitch" -- no matter how many times we say, "li-lo" she keeps saying "nemo."
  • calls her grandma (rupert's mom) by her first name.
  • it's been a rough month of whining and defiance; rupert and i are nearing our wit's end. it's been a totally different parenting experience with maya compared to ian's toddler years.
  • good reminder not to leave crayons within reach of her crib :: she drew purple swirls on her wall one day while i thought she was taking a nap.
  • she's definitely stringing together more words into sentences and questions.
  • likes to sit in the basket of the stroller. people look at me strangely because they think i'm pushing an empty stroller. as i pass them maya peeks her head out and i hear giggles from the passerby.
  • doesn't care to remember her ABCs but remembers after one visit that marukai is where we get strawberry pocky.
  • working our way to higher numbers :: counting to 3.
  • she has been daddy's little girl this month and insists on "daddy do it" if he's around.
  • loves her cereal; she's into tj's honey nut Os right now (we can dupe her with regular multigrain cheerios if we're out of the good stuff).
  • she's extremely particular about what piece of food she eats from a specific place on the plate. it's annoying when she wants a particular honey nut O with milk from one part of the bowl. it's no use trying to tell her that the milk moves around in the bowl and it's all the same!
  • she plays with the little girls at ian's school during drop-off in the morning. but she calls them all by the same name, "maggie" (one of the girls she plays with everyday).


Susan said...

You've been tagged! Come play along. See my blog for details.


Krimey said...

again, i love this picture of maya. i know i don't see her that often but she seems so much more smiley lately.

let's hope that means she just went through her aloof, difficult high school years way early. smooth sailing from here yucaree!