the la zoo was a zoo

la zoo mosaic

since both rupert and ian had the day off yesterday we headed to the la zoo. we knew it was going to be crowded when we saw the traffic sign on the 5 warning us "la zoo exit jammed." turns out the exit wasn't jammed but the parking lot was ... so was the line to buy tickets. it was the longest i've seen it. i guess everyone and their mother had the day off.

we chose to become members of the zoo (again) just to bypass the line. well worth the $75. as long as we go a couple of more times in the next year it'll pay for itself. i'm sure with the way maya was demanding "animals!" she and i will be back again soon.

now, there are some problems with the zoo on a hot, crowded day :: many of the animals are either hiding inside or are completely lethargic at the back of their enclosure; you are either getting run over by a stroller or are running someone else over with your stroller; you get sweaty but not as sweaty (and stinky) as some other people; your kids start to bug you; and it appears most other parents are completely annoyed with their children as well.

honestly, the only good thing about going to the zoo yesterday (besides the family time) was that i saw giovanni ribisi and jason lee at the new gorilla reserve (which was very nice, actually). it appears they coincidentally ran in to each other there. rupert, sadly, missed seeing them even though he was standing right next to them during their "hey, it's good to see you" conversation. i was really tempted to say something to jason lee since maya and i are big fans of buddy/syndrome (who he voices) from the incredibles but if you're an la-native you know not to bug stars while they're enjoying private time (especially when they're with their family). he looked pretty awesome with aviator glasses and his my name is earl mustache. giovanni, on the other hand, needed some reprimanding since he was smoking a cigarette before he was completely out of the zoo. for shame!

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