a day in the life ... without rupert

santa barbara mosaic

sometimes i hate my husband. like when he leaves me with the kids and goes traipsing across the country for a few days. how dare he?!

actually, rupert went to a conference in nyc for a few days. originally, i was planning to join him so we could "get away" and i could see my best friend and hang out at all of my old haunts. unfortunately, my mother is out of town so there was nobody to dump leave the kids with. besides, ian has spring break this week so at least one of his parents should be around, right?

since rupert was off having a grand old time in the city, ian and i decided to go somewhere too. on monday we drove up to santa barbara for the day. our plan :: go to the mission, eat some mexican food recommended by his uncle, and go to the sea center on the wharf.

i think the kids had a good time; ian was a real trooper letting me deal with maya before seeing to his needs and wants. and it was definitely worth it when he said it was the best day so far this year. to be honest, though, throughout the day all i could think was, "how do single parents do it?!" i barely had a chance to enjoy anything; i was so pre-occupied with chasing maya around, making sure ian was getting attention, and driving us from point a to point b. i was physically and mentally exhausted by the time we drove up the driveway that night. at least when rupert's around the parent-to-child ratio is 1:1 and we seem to deal better. but when it's just me i get discombobulated and i can't think straight. so, i guess i actually need rupert around even though i complain about him all the time.

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Krimey said...

i just got back from a week (okay fine, 4 nights) in tahoe with the two kids, sans hubby. i fully concur with your assessment of how essential our mates are! my brother & dad were there, but it's just not the same. how do single parents do it - seriously?!?

taking a vacation sounded like a great plan...in theory. now that reality has entered the picture, i know we won't be traveling without my man for a looooong time!!

btw, great pictures yet again of your gorgeous kids. i love ian's haircut!