what i made for dinner :: soba with marinated beef and tomatoes

soba with marinated beef + tomatoes
another cooking light recipe (from november 1999) :: soba with marinated beef and tomatoes. this could potentially be a decent dinner (although ian didn't like it ... surprise, surprise!). a huge plus is that it's pretty quick to make; i marinated the beef and portobellos before leaving for ian's french class and whipped up the sauce and boiled the noodles in about 20 minutes after getting home.

some changes/recommendations ::
  • turns out flank steak is expensive. instead of a full pound of meat, i used half a pound and substituted sliced portobello mushroom (one medium-sized cap, around a quarter of a pound) for the rest. more veggies are a good thing, right? cheaper meal is a good thing, right?
  • i made too much soba and it was too mushy. i recommend making two bunches of soba (which i think is around 7 oz uncooked) and preparing it so it finishes cooking after the sauce is done (or is nearing completion). i made three bunches of soba and it sat for a few minutes until the sauce finished cooking, at which point the noodles got much too soft.
  • the sauce was on the bland side (maybe because i made too much soba?) so i would try to liven the flavor up with either some ginger, sesame oil (instead of the vegetable oil), chile, and/or more garlic.
  • i didn't have any oyster sauce so i used japanese tonkatsu sauce instead (and omitted the sugar since tonkatsu sauce is sweet).

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andrew-erikamom said...

That is so good that you are trying all these new recipes!!! your bound to find a family favorite that you can make alot.
but I have a question....If Ian or anyone doesn't end up liking it does he/they eat something else or just don't eat after... and what do you do if you don't like it...(the leftovers). Im want to try a lot of new things but I am the only one that will most likely eat, so I don't make it.
do you just say this is what is for dinner, eat or don't eat???
pls give some insight on how to feed ALL my kids...lol :)