last weigh-in + fitness update

me -- the 2nd place winner
ten pounds in ten weeks ... that's what i lost! well, almost ten pounds; to be exact it was 9.8 pounds. i didn't win the fitness challenge, but i came in second place. i'm really pleased with what i've accomplished :: it's not just about the weight-loss, but more about the lifestyle overhaul, seeing the changes in my body, and feeling different about myself.

the whole process really has set the tone for long-term changes in how i eat and live. i'm stronger, my endurance is up (i can go up the sand dune more easily now), and i've even taken up jogging. yup -- jogging! if you've known me for awhile you know that i absolutely HATE moving faster than a slow stroll. but i ain't gonna lose any weight or fat going as slow as a turtle.

thanks to my work-out buddy, P, who made me jog short distances during our workout at the dune a few weeks back, i've begun my love/hate relationship with running. after i shed a few pounds and my legs got stronger i found that jogging wasn't as horrible as it used to be. don't get me wrong, i don't actually like to run, but i feel compelled to keep running. (a sidenote here :: i say "running" but i'm just jogging slowly at this point.) i'm really proud that i can now run a mile without stopping. (if you're a runner, don't scoff! even in my junior high school days -- when i was 35 pounds lighter and 20 years younger -- i couldn't run that far continuously.) my longest run has been 2.5 miles with some walking thrown in. my goal is to participate in a 5k sometime this year and i really think i can do it.

the fitness challenge may be over but the group is going to continue meeting weekly for weigh-ins and support. i'm going to attend, although i'm not sure about putting in another $20 to see who loses the most in another 10 weeks. it's not about the money for me, but about keeping up the motivation and healthy choices. it definitely helps me to know that i'm accountable and other people know about my progress (or lack thereof if i'm slacking).

hopefully, by the end of 2008 i will reach my target weight, finish a 5k, and look + feel amazing!

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