Week in the Life 2011 :: Day 3, Wednesday

sometime between 6:00am and 6:45am: Maya wakes up. She was doing "nothing," according to her.

6:45am: Ian wakes up. The kids watch SpongeBob.

Wednesday: I'm up
7:13am: When I wander into the living room the kids are watching Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. Ian started watching this show recently (much to our chagrin) and I wonder if it's because he's mentally getting himself ready for middle school (in a weird TV-land sort of way).

8:00am: Maya wants a turn with Netflix Streaming but I refuse to let her watch another episode of Horseland or SpongeBob. She reverts to Hello Kitty's Furry Tale Theater, a show from the 80s we watched repeatedly before. The kids watch the Star Wars episode.

Wednesday: Ian working on his Cryptography class assignment
8:30am: Time for work! Ian needs to stay on schedule for his Cryptography class (and it's a long-ish assignment today); Maya keeps working on her Language Arts packet; and I'm emailing (trying to get permission to access the wireless at work so I can use my iPad (which I'm hopefully getting today) in my library) and catching up on internet stuff.

9:00am: Maya's reached her limit for working on one thing and heads off to color and read. Ian's still working on decoding stuff.

9:30am: Renew my subscription to Saveur using an amazon gift certificate I received from one of the kids at school.

10:00am: Pay bills, check online accounts (yay -- our BofA account is working again on the laptop!), call our health insurance provider to see why my automatic credit card payment stopped (annoying!), load the dishwasher, and field some questions from Ian.

10:10am: Ian finishes today's assignment and takes a break by playing a baseball video game.

10:35am: Maya needs a snack so she eats a Rice Crispy Treat my dad made.

10:45am: It was inevitable: Pokemon video time. Tell the kids our plan for the day: drop off old linens at the animal shelter, lunch (Ian chooses Marmalade Cafe over CPK), and then to buy an iPad. I call the Apple store to see if they have the iPad I want; I literally let the phone ring for 5 minutes before someone picks up. Yay -- they have the one I want in stock!

11:00am: Ask Ian to wipe down the old baby gate we're giving away to a neighbor. In the meantime Maya and I pull old sheets and towels out of the linen closet; she gets bored after a minute and walks away. I pack up a lot of old stuff (especially baby sheets and towels) but the closet still looks completely full. I know we don't need this many towels and sheets but I have a hard time getting rid of things that are still usable.

Wednesday: Mama driving
11:15am: Head out of the house. I let Maya use the camera in the car and she loves it. The kids take self-portraits.

Wednesday: dropping off linen donations at the SPCALA
11:30am: Drop off our donation and take some time looking at the dogs and cats. There's an especially cute puppy and some cats in the room right off the lobby. Maya has been asking and asking to get a dog but I've been steadfastly refusing. But if there's one way to sway me, it's to make me actually see the animals. (No picture-taking allowed inside so we snapped a picture as we were leaving.)

Wednesday: playing Tic-Tac-Toe
11:45am: Head to Marmalade Cafe in El Segundo for lunch. Normally I wouldn't spend so much money on lunch, but Ian had a free kids meal certificate from school. The kids play Tic-Tac-Toe while they wait for the food to arrive. (Ian and I order burgers, Maya gets chicken fingers.) See a student from Robinson sitting at the table next to us; I think this is the first student I've run into this summer. Remember that we have one extra errand to run afterward: we have to get a birthday present for a party Ian's going to tomorrow.

Wednesday: waiting to buy our iPad
1:30pm: Make it to the Apple store after getting short with Maya for already complaining about being in the car for "so long." We only have to wait a few minutes for them to bring out an iPad for us to buy. The kids play games while we wait. Maya's game is in German so we keep telling her, "Gut, Maya, gut!"

Wednesday: making a wish
1:40pm: Maya wants to go to the fountain in the mall before we leave. I let her throw a few pennies in to make some wishes.

Wednesday: choosing Pokemon cards
2:00pm: Shopping at Target. The kids pick out a set of Pokemon cards for Ian's friend and then we buy a few ingredients for tonight's dinner. I'm getting progressively more tired and cranky. <-- This is called "foreshadowing."

2:30pm: Make it home and the first thing Ian wants to do is call his friend. I tell him that's fine but I'm not driving him over there. He asks if he can ask his friend's parents to pick him up. No, of course not! Then Maya starts badgering me to use the iPad, even though I told her it would take time to set up. Finally, I lose it and yell at both of them. I feel bad, yes, but there's only so much I can take. I apologize later but I explain to them how frustrated I was.

Wednesday: setting up the iPad
3:00pm: Register the iPad and start syncing apps, which is very time-consuming. I don't want to deal with the kids so I let them watch TV while I do this.

Wednesday: Maya's Secret Formula drawing
4:00pm: Maya starts drawing her version of the Crabby Patty Secret Formula.

5:20pm: I start making dinner, penne with crumbled Italian sausage.

6:00pm: Eat dinner without Rupert, even though I know he's coming home soon. I want to eat before Maya gets cranky and I need to let my stomach settle before going to yoga. Maya eats three helpings of pasta. Ian, as expected, picked out all of the onions. I read the newest New Yorker while eating.

Wednesday: first Photobooth pic using the iPad
6:30pm: Rupert comes home as I'm finishing dinner. Another episode of Brady Barr is turned on. We play with the iPad a bit. Maya decides Ian shouldn't use it because of his sweaty hands.

7:15pm: I brush my teeth, change my clothes, and head out to my yoga class.

Wednesday: after yoga
9:30pm: Finish yoga; I feel great. Text with my hairdresser and my sister-in-law to see if I can leave the kids with SIL so I can get my haircut tomorrow. Success!

9:45pm: Rupert's watching So You Think You Can Dance when I get home. I should shower but I get sucked into the TV. Lady Gaga is throwing shoes.

10:00pm: Still need to shower but Rupert's new guilty pleasure, Love in the Wild, is on. It is a terrible show but we watch the whole thing (partly to see the bloody injury, but we weren't impressed with the amount of blood).

11:00pm: Finally shower. Wash my long hair for the last time; tomorrow at least 10 inches of it is getting cut off.

11:30pm: Back to the couch to play with the iPad and download a couple more apps. Bring it to bed and upstage Rupert's much-smaller game of Solitaire. Check out the Kindle app; I like that I can read in the dark and the photos are in color. Rupert thinks my new-ish Kindle is now obsolete. I don't think so; there's a time and place for each.

12:35am: Finally go to sleep.

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