Week in the Life 2011 :: summer edition

The scrapbooking part of my life has been on hiatus for what seems like years. Despite the lack of physical evidence of my chronicling of our family life, I've tried to diligently keep up with the photo-taking and -posting on flickr.

Thankfully, Ali Edwards is hosting another Week in the Life project, which is a great motivator to get me to record our everyday life in a more organized way. I did this project once before in 2008. Again, there's no actual scrapbook of this project (photos were printed but never put together in an album ... story of my life), but I'm happy that I have something to look back on to see what our everyday life was like. It's "only" three years ago but we're all in a drastically different place in our lives than we were then.

I'm glad Ali chose a week during the summer to do this year's Week in the Life; summer life, obviously, differs considerably from our more regimented school year life. Because we have nothing concrete planned for this week I'm not sure how many pictures I'll have from day to day, or if anything "exciting" will happen. But that's part of real life, right?

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