Week in the Life 2011 :: Day 5, Friday

7:35am: Friday are sleep-in days (during the summer) for me and Rupert (he doesn't go into work on Fridays). I woke up earlier with Ian's banging-around in the kitchen getting his breakfast. I use the kids' bathroom so I don't wake up Rupert; I wake up Maya instead. She's waiting to use the bathroom when I'm done. I text my friend to confirm our plans for today to go to the Discovery Science Center ("the Cube") in Santa Ana.

Friday: breakfast
8:00am: Rupert wakes up and joins us in the living room. He and Maya have breakfast together (cereal). Bad as it is, I munch on a Rice Crispy Treat while I wait for my chocolate chip Eggo to toast.

8:30am: Tell Ian to shower so I can also shower before we leave at 9:30. In the meantime I catch up on the news on my the iPad and read a bit of The Influence Machine: Brooke Gladstone on the Media.

8:50am: Take a shower. Marvel at how little shampoo and conditioner I need to use with my new haircut.

Friday: new shoes
9:15am: Get our stuff ready to head out for our excursion: pack snacks, make ice coffee, pull out my backpack from the hall closet, pack the camera. Decide today is the day to break out my new shoes.

9:30am: Fill the Prius with gas at Costco and hop on the freeway to get going. Traffic is moving smoothly so we make good time.

10:15am: When we merge on to the 22, I notice my friend's car behind me. Decide to follow my friend, assuming she knows where's she going, but she takes the wrong exit. We pull over, laugh a bit, and get back on the road toward the museum.

10:30am: Make our way into the museum. First stop, the bathroom! (Too much ice coffee for me.)

Friday: ball rolling on a rotating turntable Friday: slide
Friday: Ian and A Friday: hockey goalie Ian
10:30am to 12:30pm: Explore the exhibits at the museum. The boys really like the hockey stuff upstairs and try out the Shooter and Goalie experiences repeatedly. Maya is kinda grouchy and not in the mood to take part in a lot of the stuff. But she really likes the slide and spends a good deal of time there.

12:30pm: Decide it's time to head out. I want to get a shirt but they don't have my size. I get an Oscar the Grouch hand puppet (for $5!) instead. I intend to use it at work when I'm getting grouchy with the kids; hopefully it'll send the right message in a more positive way instead of me just yelling at the kids.

Friday: lunch at the Habit
12:50pm: Walk down the street to get lunch at the Habit. It's fun, and a little hectic, eating in a small booth with two adults, two middle schoolers, a first grader, and a toddler. After we finish eating, the kids think it's funny to kick each other under the table. On our walk back to our cars the kids hang out at the mall's fountain for a bit.

Friday: fountain
2:00pm: Say good-bye to our friends and head home. There's a bit more traffic and I make one wrong turn (darn 22/405 interchange!) but it doesn't matter since the kids are knocked out in the back and I want them to get some rest so they're not cranky later.

The Influencing Machine: Brooke Gladstone on the Media
3:00pm: Get home. After a few minutes of family time, I head to the bedroom for some quiet reading. The kids get their own downtime by watching a Pokemon video. I take a 15 minute power nap.

Friday: baseball
4:30pm: Play baseball in the backyard. Maya has killer batting abilities, as long as the ball is thrown underhand.

Friday: late afternoon
5:10pm: Rupert pre-heats the oven for dinner. He sits down with Maya to draw from her new animal drawing book. I continue to work on this project with a glass of (slightly over-steeped) mugicha, Japanese barley tea. Ian goes back to his room to read.

5:30pm: Maya takes a break from drawing a horse to watch Horseland. You know, to remind her what horses look like.

6:00pm: Dinner time: TJ's tempura chicken, sauteed bok choy, and rice. We love that Maya likes vegetables; she asks for more bok choy. Rupert chooses to watch an episode of Superhumans. I read my book instead.

Friday: playing Rock Band
6:45pm: Instead of family board game night, we have family video game night ... although I don't know if you can call it "family" game night if Ian wanders off to read in his room and I'm writing this up. Actually, I help Maya out with the drums, then take over drumming completely, and Maya ends up walking away!

7:30pm: Watch the Simpsons.

8:00pm: More drawing.

8:15pm: Back to Rock Band: me on guitar, Maya on drums for the first song, Rupert on drums for the second song. We haven't checked the new downloadable songs so Rupert scrolls through to see if there's anything worth buying. Maya dances to the various samples, especially SpongeBob and the Nom Nom Nom Song.

9:05pm: The kids get ready for bed. (Ian was reading for over two hours; he's definitely my kid.) Rupert reads the Johnny Boo part of a comic book (from Free Comic Book Day) for Maya's bedtime story.

Friday: watching No Reservations
9:20pm: Watch the Hokkaido episode of No Reservations on Rupert's laptop. He has a bowl of coffee ice cream but I pass on dessert (super full from all the food today and I already brushed my teeth). Slight delay in the middle of the episode since Rupert's laptop runs out of batteries. The episode really makes me want to finally visit my uncle in Hokkaido.

10:15pm: Check iTunes and Season 11 of No Reservations is available; try to buy it but it's not working for some reason. Try again tomorrow? Catch up on reading blogs.

11:30pm: Off to bed.

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