Week in the Life 2011 :: Day 2, Tuesday

Tuesday :: I wake up
7:30am: Rupert leaves for work; I'm still rolling around in bed. Check my email and FB on my phone.

Tuesday :: Maya wakes up
8:00am: Maya wakes up and immediately takes advantage of Ian not being home: turns on Horseland on Netflix Streaming.

Tuesday: Lego playing aftermath
8:15am: Ian and Alex come back and go to Ian's room to play Legos.

8:30am: I begin uploading yesterday's photos to flickr. Maya finishes watching TV and goes back to working on a drawing she started yesterday.

8:45am: The boys are back to playing video games.

Tuesday: putting dishes away
9:20am: Put away dishes from the dishrack, but I have to wait for Ian to put the dishwasher dishes away so I can load it. Yes, it would be easier and faster if I unloaded it but it's not my job! Maya finally gets hungry enough to ask for breakfast and she eats two strawberry Eggos again. I munch on a chocolate chip one while putting away dishes and making my daily ice coffee.

9:40am: Notice Maya's finger nails are like claws. Finally do something parent-like and cut them.

9:45am: The boys are finally finished with their video game, giving Maya a chance to watch a Pokemon video from the library. Ian and Alex linger on the couch and watch with her. But I make Ian unload the dishwasher before he sits down.

10:00am: Load the dishwasher and wash dishes.

10:30am: Work on yesterday's Week in the Life post.

11:00am: At last, the TV is turned off (but probably not for long). The boys continue to talk about Pokemon (for 45 minutes!) on the couch.

Tuesday: taking a break from worksheets
11:10am: Maya starts working on her summer packet worksheets. I mentioned to her that Julia is way ahead of her and that seemed to motivate her a bit; nothing wrong with a little competition, right?

11:30am: The boys help themselves to chips to energize their Pokemon conversation. They leave the itty-bitty crumbs in the chip bag and return it to the counter. Ever heard of a garbage can?

Tuesday: Maya's the winner
11:50am: Maya gets frustrated with doing work so she goes outside with the boys. It occurs to me that I could easily be doing a load of laundry. Throw in a load of lights. Ian and Maya request chicken nuggets for lunch; Alex doesn't want anything but I tell him he has to eat. They go outside for awhile to play (from what I can tell from where I'm sitting inside) some kind of hybrid baseball Pokemon battle game.

12:00pm: Glance at the sidebar on my blog and I realize I haven't updated it in years, probably. Make some quick changes. Remember that I wanted to email my principal about the upcoming school year. Get an automated reply that she's on vacation until August 16. Guess work will have to wait.

Tuesday: my lunch
12:45pm: Lunch for the kids first. Then I make myself some instant noodles. The kids are watching more Pokemon.

1:30pm: Ian and Alex leave to go back to Alex's. I love these summer days when they don't have anything to do but live at each other's houses. I briefly ponder how old my son is getting to be: I let them walk back by themselves to Alex's house where his teenage brother will be supervising them. No adults and I'm okay with that. Testament to how good these kids are.

1:45pm: Maya is back to her worksheets but she's whining the whole time. Totally lose it and yell at her. Send her to her room to cry. Hear her sobbing that she wants to do homework but I'm pretty sure she's not up to it in her current condition.

2:00pm: She comes out of her room and asks to watch TV but I turn her down. Instead, she sets the timer and sets to work on her coloring book. I guess she set the timer so that she can ask me again about the TV in a bit. "Why is this taking so long?" she asks and turns it off.

Tuesday: piles of laundry
2:30pm: Empty the dryer and sort the laundry. I should fold clothes too, but I'll wait until I finish the next load. Head to my room to read the next chapter of The Story of Charlotte's Web: E.B. White's Eccentric Life in Nature and the Birth of an American Classic.

3:00pm: Nap for 20 minutes while Maya is in the living room playing with her Pillow Pet. And I know she snuck a piece of candy; I can hear her sucking on it all the way across the house! But she was good enough to try again with her worksheets and completed a couple more.

3:30pm: Let her watch SpongeBob while I take a shower.

4:00pm: Start another load of laundry. Maya finishes watching SpongeBob and I'm really finished having to watch SpongeBob. Help Maya fix some mistakes on her worksheets.

4:30pm: Maya is back to her coloring book. Contemplate finally responding to an email my father sent me on my birthday three weeks ago. Not that I don't want to email with my father; it's just that writing in Japanese is difficult and time-consuming.

Tuesday: email to my father
5:00pm: Turn on some music (Adele's 21, my favorite album right now) and open up my email. The Japanese typing is slow-coming but it's getting done with some breaks, including prepping dinner at 5:20pm.

6:00pm: Let Maya watch more TV; she's hungry and I need to keep her preoccupied while dinner is cooking. (Dinner is my version of Kheema curry with eggplant and garbanzo beans.) While the curry is on the stove I finish the email to my father. Rupert comes home at some point.

Tuesday: my crazy version of kheema curry
7:00pm: We sit down to dinner without Ian who's eating over at Alex's (probably a good thing since this is his least favorite kind of curry). Rupert again chooses to watch Brady Barr.

Tuesday: reading while J and M play a game
7:30pm: After dinner Maya asks for a Game Night; she chooses Simpsons Sorry! and she wins. I read my book instead. Jared Diamond's Guns, Germs, and Steel series is on TV in the background.

8:00pm: Ian calls to say that he's staying a bit longer because they're watching Rango. Rupert and Maya go to pick him up around 8:30 and the kids come home to get ready for bed.

9:00pm: Half watch MasterChef and half read my book while Rupert does work on his laptop.

Tuesday: after the kids go to bed
10:oopm: Nothing good on TV so turn it off; read and work in silence for awhile. And can't forget to eat dessert: ice cream for Rupert and sherbet for me.

11:00pm: Doze off on the couch and wake up at 11:30 to go to bed.

Observation: Maya and I spent the entire day in our PJs, which means we never left the house!

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