week 20.

maya @ 20 weeks :: march 24, 2006
  • last friday i thought i nocticed a little whiteness on her top gums. so i started telling some people that she was growing her second tooth. turns out i was wrong; the glare of the light off her gums made it look like there was something protruding out of them.
  • on thursday night (3.23) she managed to turn over for the first time in her crib. when jordan put her down for the night, she was on her tummy. but when i got her a few hours later she was face up! we have no idea how she managed this but now we know she can do it.
  • she is a total squirmy-bug in her crib. she kicks and kicks and squirms all over the crib, propelling herself with just her legs to all four corners. her arms are not so helpful.
  • she really likes fabric-y things because they are easier to grasp and get into her mouth.
  • she totally loves me! when jordan carries her around, she's all smiles when she can see me, but when he turns so she can't see me, she starts to cry. when he turns again and she sees me, she starts to laugh. jordan and i make a game out of it, sort of tormenting her when she wants to see me. we're kinda mean, aren't we? but it's so funny.
  • number 2 diapers don't keep in her explosive poops either.
  • you may notice in this week's picture that her hand is on her diaper. she discovered the velcro closure and was pulling it off.
  • she's napping better -- hooray! if i sense she's tired, i can leave her in her crib and after some crying and squirming around she usually gets herself to sleep.
  • she sat directly on grass for the first time today while i weeded in the yard. unlike her brother who didn't like sitting on grass the first time, she seemed to enjoy it. she kicked her bare feet on the grass and grabbed at it with great vigor.
  • she loves it when her daddy does his monkey impersonation.


allison said...

hooray! so glad to hear she's falling asleep on her own. but, hearing that she's found the velcro closure makes me a little worried. i read on some parent websites that some babies (two boys that i've read about) take their diapers off and...get this...FLING their poop! yes, just like monkeys. i hope maya doesn't pick that one up. (no pun intended.) she's adorable!

grudge girl said...

She's changing so fast!

I hope Jordan doesn't mind that she's so attached to you. Charlotte is the same way with me. Most of the time, Andy takes it in stride (it helps that Simon was the exact opposite, so it's sort of my turn) but sometimes it bugs him a little, I think.

Charlotte only yesterday undid one side of her diaper for the first time. She thought she was pretty darn funny, yes she did.

Yay napping! Woo hoo!

yucaree said...

the pulling off of the diaper velcro was just a fluke ... i hope. she's just so into clawing at everything, i think her hand just happened to find it that time. but if she actually starts taking it off, that's when the diaper goes on backwards!

GG, i think JR minds just a little that maya is so attached to me. "she likes you so much," he says in a sorta sad way. but if the roles were reversed and he was at home i'm sure she would be all over him too. but she definitely recognizes him and smiles at him when he comes home from work, so that's really cute. besides, it's not always great that she's so attached to me!