week 19.

maya @ 19 weeks :: march 17, 2006
  • her squealy voice has turned into screechy/screamy voice. it can be super-high-pitched and almost primal. it hurts our ears. i guess girls are born to be hysterical.
  • thankfully, her sleep schedule is returning to what it was a couple of weeks ago. i'm assuming her teething pains are subsiding and she's sleeping better.
  • she bites a lot. i don't like it!
  • during her bad sleeping days i was so exhausted i nearly lost my sanity. i just couldn't deal anymore on monday and i truly felt that i had to leave her in her crib or else i might scream at her or, god forbid, actually hurt her in some way out of sheer frustration and exhaustion. so i put her in her crib to see if she would sleep but she actually cried non-stop for over an hour. in the end, i gave up and got her. she always wins in the end.
  • we tried to give her formula one night so JR could do a feeding and i could get some rest. she took a sip of the formula and she basically spit it out. when we tried again she refused to even put the nipple in her mouth. picky eater already!
  • my mom put a barrette in her hair because her bangs are getting so long and reach down to her eyes. the barette must be close to 30 years old but it's so cute because it's so retro.
  • i feel like i'm doing much better these last few days (last week was pretty hellish). i got to take a couple of 15-minute power naps, which really rejuvenated me. we also took a long walk (to the craft store) to get some exercise and fresh air, i gave her a calming (i.e., no crying) bath, and we've been talking and playing a bit more than usual.
  • she's having explosive poopies again, which probably means she's about to grow out of her size 1 diapers.
  • she absolutely adores her brother. whenever she sees him she's totally entranced by him and is all smiles. it's too bad ian still, for the most part, runs away!
  • she's making very slight progress in the rolling over department. when she's on her back she does use her foot to push up a bit but she's nowhere close to turning over all the way. i guess it doesn't help that she's not on her back very often ...
  • when she wants to be taken out of her carseat or bouncy chair she arches her back and lifts up her torso.

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