no daddy this week

JR is at a workshop in evanston this week. um, what the heck am i supposed to do with two kids?? honestly, i don't know what i'm going to do without JR.

here's ian chatting with dad who called to say good night. the magazine he's reading, despite the roses on the back cover, is actually a kid's magazine (martha stewart good things for kids). i bought it to do some projects this week in the evenings.

despite the magazine, we managed to watch a lot of television tonight. oops!


Anne Huber said...

you're a brave, brave woman, yukari! it was fun to see jordan (briefly) for dinner in chicago last night. wish we could have seen you and ian and maya too! thinking of you, ;) anne

yucaree said...

hey anne! how was your weekend in chicago? i wish we could all have gone, but ian's schooling just gets in the way of travelling!

so far we're surviving okay, but we still have four more days to go -- yikes! hopefully i will survive with my sanity in tact.

good luck with the rest of the school year. maybe we'll see you this summer?

grudge girl said...

Heh. We're going to Chicago this weekend. A near miss!

Have I ever mentioned that Simon is ka-ka-KRAZY for Martha? Like, if he ever sees her on TV when we're surfing around, he'll watch, no matter what she's doing. LOVES her. I've heard about her kids mag, and now I'm totally going to have to go find one.

COINCIDENCE?!?! I don't think so.

yucaree said...

that is so funny that simon likes martha too. ian is quite the fan. he's like, "hey mama, do you want to watch martha?" actually, i'm not 100% sure if he's a fan or just offers to watch because he knows i like to watch the show. either way it's sweet. :)

there's a rumor that the quarterly martha stewart kids magazine is going out of business. but you can find the small magazine "good things" on the newsstand or near the checkout at the supermarket.