looky what i made

i heard about these taggy blankies while i was pregnant with maya, and i found a tutorial for it at craftster. unfortunately, i wasn't able to make one for her before she was born.

but i had the opportunity to make it for a friend's baby shower a couple of weeks back, so i made a matching one for maya too.

they are super easy to make as long as you know how to sew straight lines on your sewing machine (that's all i know how to do!). i made this one in one sitting this afternoon. it does, however, take longer if you're going to cut and pre-wash your fabrics, which is highly advisable.

this one uses solid pink chenille on two squares, patterned flannel for the other two squares, and then a solid piece of polar fleece for the back. i used quite a few different kind of ribbons for the tags, like satin, grosgrain, velvety, and even elastic. the size is about 18"x18".

when i showed it to maya she went straight for the tags!


allison said...

that is awesome! i heard about five years ago from my cousin that babies LOVE tags. She had a stuffed animal that was COVEREd in tags. I thought it was strange at the time, but now am noticing that Devin picks at and tries to eat tags every chance he gets. I think I'll try to make one of these, too! Thanks for the idea.

grudge girl said...

Oooo, a taggie blanket! This is the cutest one I've ever seen. My mom has my sister-in-law make them for her to give out at any shower she's ever invited to, but they're always done in these tame pastels. Cute, but same ol' same ol'. THIS one is totally adorable.

yucaree said...

thanks for the compliments! i chose bright colors and patterns because i liked them. in fact, the fleece backing is a pattern by gale kaseguma whose prints i found online and like quite a bit. all of the fabrics are cute but not too baby-ish. and i'm totally embracing this pink thing!