cardstock: bazzill basics
patterned paper: chatterbox (floral patterns), sonnets by creative imaginations (words)
letter brads: joann scrap essentials
flower brads: the happy hammer

the bottom darker purple rectangle on the left page flips open to reveal journaling.


grudge girl said...

Is it ever hard for you to make something not perfectly square? Meaning, like, at proper right angles? Like the vertical bars at the top of the page on the left? Because they're so cute like that, but I would have to down some serious valium to make myself be un-square, and even then, it would be a failure because they'd be un-square in a very studied way.

yucaree said...

it is virtually impossible for me to do a scrapbook design that is random in nature. those strips at the top of the left page took great effort to get that way. the idea came from a layout in a scrapbook idea book and then i had to carefully plan how to deliberately make it look random.

in other words, i did take valium before doing the layout! ;)