23 months.

nap time :: 10.04.07

maya @ 23 months :: 10.04.2007

  • her affirmative "yeah" has turned into an emphatic "yes" or a very polite "yes mama". she also says, "otay" instead of "okay."
  • has fallen on her head multiple times this month, mainly due to her attempts at going up and down stairs unassisted.
  • we're finally potty training ... wait, is that the un-pc term? um, she's becoming toilet aware?? most of the time she sits on it and nothing happens, but she's peed in it a few times (the first time was on september 19). funny story :: after grandma took maya off the toilet because she didn't pee, and then went off to find a diaper for her, maya peed in the hallway and then proceeded to slip in her own pee, fall down in her pee, and hit her head.
  • when she really wants something she will say, "peeze" (please).
  • this month she's gotten to be more conversational :: "where ____ go?"; "wadoin? (what are you doing?)"; "what dat?"; "all gone"; and her absolute favorite, "i did it!"
  • the little girls she sees at ian's school always want to pick her up or drag her around, but because she's in such an independent phase she absolutely hates it.
  • she's obsessed with watching ian's old blues clues videos (with steve); no more watching sesame street, unfortunately. at this rate her birthday party theme will be blues clues, just like it was for ian's 2nd birthday ... but she's not having a birthday party, is she?
  • she's always liked blankets but lately she's constantly dragging around her dog and monkey baby gap blankets (also hand-me-downs from ian).
  • knows the way to jiji+baba's house :: when we drive towards their house she yells out, "baba! jiji!"
  • loves having banana snack time at rie class :: five minutes into the class she goes up to the teacher and asks, "nana?"
  • she loves her baby doll, hannah. she's been carrying her around and sleeping with her for awhile but now she pretend plays with her, giving her milk from a small wooden milk carton.
  • she brings her plate into the kitchen after she's done eating ... ian won't even do that.
  • she learned to say "au revoir" on her own when we leave ian's french class.

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