remember how i said rupert cannot seem to find anything in front of his face? i just needed to give you an example :: for the last two nights, at maya's bedtime, he comes out of her room looking for daisy. daisy is another hand-me-down stuffie from ian; it's a duck from the jane simmons series of picture books.

both nights he claims to have looked in maya's crib before coming out of her room. and both nights guess where i found daisy? in the crib! how is it even possible that two nights in a row he cannot find a duck in a crib that measures no more than 2x4 feet?? i just don't get it!

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Anonymous said...

I came across your blog while searching for "Daisy Duck" from the Jean Simmons picture books. My son is 7 and he lost his 'ducky' and has been heartbroken ever since. I have found the smaller version about 8 inches on ebay but he had the bigger one bought from childrens place about 7 years ago. I know this may sound weird but are you at all interested in parting with this? I would buy it from you. It would make my son Tristan day. He never parted with 'Ducky' he slept with it and took it everywhere. Thanks for listening, and your kids are adorable. If you are intersted in my offer my email is dannydiaz20@yahoo.com
Danielle Diaz