blog action day :: think globally, eat locally

okay, so i had this long-ish post for blog action day. the theme this year is the environment, not surprisingly. but i was really unhappy with where the post was going and the writing was just not coming to me. so here's a quick recap of what i was trying to say ::

agribusiness farming methods = bad
transporting food from all over = bad
organic food = good
local + organic foods = better

how does that relate to the environment? read about local foods here and here. [i got the idea for this post from reading animal, vegetable, miracle by barbara kingsolver. thanks to my bil's girlfriend for recommending i read it.]

p.s. i enjoyed where ali edwards took her blog action day post :: can scrapbooking be green? being a paper whore i'm starting to feel extremely guilty about the amount of paper and packaging that goes into my hobby.

[10.17.07 update :: you have to check out the statistics from blog action day. over 23,000 posts were written specifically for the day. amazing.]

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Anne said...

Yeah!!! I'm glad you read Kingsolver's book. I just finished "reading" it on CD. I think I spoke previously of the worm composting in the basement. Anyway, it has been 3 weeks since I finished the book and I am still shopping locally for meat, all dairy, and vegetables. The sad thing for us is that farmer's markets in Wisconsin close at thanksgiving. I guess I'll have to start buying californian again, or give up leafy greens.....nah, i'm not that hardcore yet. -a