blast from the past

i ran into the mom of my best friend from 6th grade today. she's a teacher at the middle school across the street from my house. i'd been keeping an eye out for her on my walks to ian's school and, sure enough, i saw her directing traffic this afternoon.

i had to stop and say hello; i probably hadn't seen her in 15 years but she remembered me. she gave me a quick update about my friend, which has prompted me to get back in touch with her. rupert's not much for reminiscing but i can't help but want to know what's happened to the people who were so integral to me in my younger days.

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andrew-erikamom said...

I don't mean to sound Cliche but Myspace is a good place to find some people from the past.
I found a lot of people I was wondering about....just a thought.
I know it sounds kind of high school but it is kind of cool for those reasons....