9 weeks.

maya @ 9 weeks :: january 6, 2006

  • loves, loves, LOVES her ducky toy from her nene (my sister). if you hang it above her she'll stare at it and her arms move toward it. if you leave it in her lap she'll pick it up by the rings, squeeze the wings to make the crinkly sound and smile with amusement.
  • we noticed this quite a few weeks back, but she seems most content on her back on her changing table. maybe because she knows she's going to get cleaned up? or maybe because she can see the swinging legs of her ducky clock? who knows. but i've been tempted to strap her in and leave her there to sleep sometimes.
  • something else she's been doing for awhile is recognizing me. she smiles when she sees me (like when someone else is holding her) or when i talk to her. the other night i left her in her crib and when i went in to check on her, she looked up and smiled her sweet "mama" smile, which made it very difficult to leave her.
  • she finally slept for a whole darn hour in her crib the other night. yes, i can actually get excited about one hour she slept by herself away from me!
  • starting to nap at about the same time every afternoon.
  • her vocalizing is starting to vary.
  • drooly, drooly, drooly.
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    Northern_Girl said...

    My she's gotten big! So beautiful! (I like the changes you've made to the blog...I'm always looking for ideas.)