happy new year!

wishing everyone a wonderful 2006, full of love, happiness & prosperity!

@ our neighbors' new year's party ... partying on new york time (i.e., 3 hours early)

lots of fun and food with the neighborhood families. and giving a few moms a "baby fix" by letting them hold maya (and so i could have a break).


grudge girl said...

Yukari. Could you be any cuter? Seeing Maya in your arms makes it clear how teensy she is. Eeeee!!! And Ian - he is the most photogenic child in history, I think.

Oh, by the way HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Ethan was with his dad, and we never have any cool plans, or, frankly, any babysitters, so I spent the evening playing Trouble and Jenga with Simon and Andy (after Charlotte went to sleep), and then Scrabble until 2 am with Andy (after Simon went to sleep). Heh. We are the lamest. But at least we weren't sick! That's something!

Thanks so much for the precious xmas card! It was adorable. And Andy was impressed that it was personalized. That Yukari, I said... she's awesome!

I've resolved myself to the idea of sending out Valentines Day cards this year, because I just never got around to Christmas ones. There was NO time! But I've got a smashing idea for Valentines. Just you wait!

May your new year be full of love, friendship, and really good ramen.

Just threw that last one in there to see if you'd catch it. Heh.

yucaree said...

happy new year to you, too, GG!

it was actually nice to get out for new year's eve. usually we head over to my parents' house and watch japanese tv and eat. super boring for JR. but this year we were actually social for a change and got to know some of our neighbors (mostly the parents of ian's classmates) better.

i'm glad you liked the xmas card ... or chanumas card as we call it around these here parts (JR is jewish and my family just does xmas for the presents). i usually send out a letter detailing what happened during the year but i just didn't have the energy. i barely got these cards out, but thanks to costco i was able to get the cards made overnight.

i can't wait to see your valentine's card -- i *love* getting real mail! i have friends who didn't make it in time for xmas or the new year a few years back so sent out their cards at chinese new year (helps that they're both asian), which i thought was a clever idea, too.

i am hoping that this year *will* be full of good ramen. we're planning to head out to the new ramen shop i mentioned awhile back this weekend. keeping my fingers crossed that it won't disappoint.