20 months.

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maya @ 20 months :: 07.04.2007
  • i'm trying to teach her to apologize :: "gomennasai" (i'm sorry) and kisses. but she can't actually say "gomennasai" so when she knows she's done something bad she comes at me vigorously nodding her head and trying to give me kisses.
  • at the wading pool in rancho mirage she fell into the water face first a couple of times but both times she managed not to drink the water. i think it makes her angry that she falls down but she doesn't panic (like her brother does) so she doesn't inhale any water.
  • her vocabulary is growing but almost everything she says is still in english. being in the desert for a week definitely made her learn how to use and repeat "hot" a lot! for a couple of months now she's been saying "aw" for strawberries. she will command you to "eat!" or demand that she "eat!" something.
  • ian's name was only one syllable last month; this month she's tacked on the "a" sound = "ia" --> will next month bring on his entire name?
  • she enjoys reading japanese folktales, especially "saru kani gassen".
  • likes to twirl around and make herself dizzy.
  • "tonari no totoro" continues to be her favorite movie. when the opening song starts she 0pens her mouth really wide like the little totoros on the screen. but there are definitely signs that i let her watch too much tv; she asks for, "tee-dee?"
  • she is entering her terrible twos a bit early. she's a screaming, hitting, tantrum-throwing little terror.
  • we're working hard on relieving her constipation. if she's had a bowel movement she can be a very pleasant person, but those days when she hasn't gone in awhile can be horrible.
  • she likes to bite directly into food. she'd rather eat corn off the cob than cut corn, she'd rather chew on a rib than eat chunks of meat, she'd rather bite into a piece of fruit than eat a fruit salad, etc.
  • if you don't put pants on her she'll take her diaper off. while we were in rancho mirage she definitely got used to being undressed.
  • she tries to be helpful by throwing things away (not always trash) and if we ask her to take things to the dining table she will (with some help from her big brother).
  • she has a goofy smile where she scrunches up her nose.
  • she tries to unlock the cabinet with the video games in it. she can't quite get the key into the lock ... at least, not yet!
  • eats weird stuff like japanese fish bone crackers.
  • tells jordan the process of getting cereal in the morning :: bowl, spoon, cereal, milk
  • when we change her diaper she says,"bleh!" and makes a stinky face ... even if it's just shi-shi (pee).

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Allison said...

I always say this: I can't believe how fast she is learning and how much she's changed since the last time I saw her. Devin likes to spin around until he's dizzy and falling down, too. Next time we get them together they can do that together! We'll just sit back and watch the madness.