is hell this hot?

rancho mirage vacation mosaic

we're vacationing in rancho mirage (near palm springs) with my folks for the week. dang, it's hot! yesterday was 113 for most of the day; today was cooler at 112. just to give you an idea of the heat, the water in the wading pool goes from pleasant in the morning to lukewarm in the early afternoon to downright warm-as-bathwater in the late-afternoon. and maya came back from a short walk around noon with a clear tan line across her thigh where her shorts end.

i'm encouraging ian + maya to stay indoors between 10am and 2pm but they get a little stir crazy. i'm not particularly fond of the heat (although i'll take the dry heat of the desert over humid heat any day) so i would rather hang out in the air conditioned room and do nothing. the kids don't allow me to do that. boo! thankfully, my in-laws joined us yesterday for a short visit (they just left a couple of hours ago); they are doting grandparents so ian got some much-needed attention on the golf course and maya went on walks with grandma. my parents are also quite accommodating and they've already played quite a few games of yahtzee with ian.

rupert doesn't join us until tomorrow night (we've been here for three days already), just in time for fourth of july and my birthday. can't wait to have a few days of "fun in the sun" with my family. (i wanted to post pics from the last couple of days but i forgot my camera cable.)


Krimey said...

umm...you went to palm springs. in the dead of summer. and you're surprised it's hot? let me guess...you got a good rate on the rooms. hee hee. just teasing you! :) missed you in class today. hope you have a happy 4th and happy birthday 5th!!

Anonymous said...

The answer to your post's title...I am guessing it isn't or their equal. Blech, blech and triple blech to desert heat. You are a braver woman than I!