a little scrapping

i've managed to find some time here and there to scrapbook. i completed the following layouts (click on the image for details about materials) and i'm in the process of completing a few more, which i hope i can share soon. (sorry about the crappy scans.)

do babies get brain freeze?
journaling :: maya inhaled her first taste of jamba juice ... it was hard to get her to stop! you have to share, maya!

hinamatsuri 07
journaling :: did you know the longer it takes to put away the hinaningyou the longer it'll take the girl to get married? at least, that's what they say. but if that's true maya may never get married 'cause we never got around to putting away the dolls last year! thankfully, mom put them back in the garage right away this year!


Krimey said...

boy, life sure looks a whole lot more beautiful in scraps! impressive work yucaree...

Anonymous said...

Way to get me motivated. Have not scrapped in over a month. Need to get back to being balanced. All work and hustle and bustle with no play makes a cranky me. Thanks for the eye candy inspiration!