lucky number seven ... lucky me

lucky number 7

best friends. partners. cuddle buddies. me + rupert.

we've been together for a long time and married for more than half that time. i almost can't remember a time without him in my life ... all the things worth remembering happened after we got together.

i'm lucky that he understands me almost better than i understand myself. otherwise we wouldn't have lasted this long. we always joke that the number one reason we're still together is because we're too lazy to find someone else. but the real number one reason we're still together is because we genuinely love, care for, and respect each other. (right, rupert? right?!)

in the grand scheme of things seven years isn't that long. i anticipate we'll stick together for at least another 40 years despite all of the ups and downs that are sure to come our way. we've weathered enough to know how to make this relationship of ours last :: i'm the boss and he does what i say! ;)

love ya, sweetie! happy anniversary!

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Allison said...

Wow! July is certainly a busy month for you two, with your birthday and then your anniversary. I remember your wedding and what a fun celebration it was. (And how nervous Rupert looked the whole time - ha ha! :-) Just kidding, just kidding. I can't believe it was seven years ago. You two are an inspiration. Congratulations on your seventh year, and Happy (belated) Birthday, Yukari!