another year older ...

happy birthday to me!

happy birthday to me! i'm 31 but i don't feel any different than i did a year ago or even five years ago ... i'm still the same tired, cranky, lazy person i was then!

my birthday is my favorite day of the year :: it's all about me, baby! (although i'm sure some people are wondering, "are there any days she doesn't act like it's all about her?!") although i would've liked to have slept in, rupert didn't get up when maya did so i spent some time feeding the kids and watching tv with them. after rupert woke up we headed to the pool and splashed around for awhile. i got an oreo smoothie poolside (a real luxury for me since they cost $5 each) and i took a nap in the afternoon. while rupert took the kids to the putting green i headed out to the scrapbooking store and bought some new paper to add to my collection. what a joy it is to shop by myself, calmly and unhurriedly. because i could take my time i didn't overspend, which is what i usually end up doing because i'm just throwing stuff into my basket left and right without really contemplating whether i need it.

in the evening rupert and i went out to dinner at johannes in palm springs while my parents watched the kids back at the hotel. we had a delicious, quiet, leisurely meal, followed by a walk through the street fair. when we got back the kids were asleep and i spent some time scrapbooking.

i got to do so much just for myself ... what a great way to start off a new year in my life!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

You look devine and glad to hear you are feeling like your young youthful self still too! You must share your secrets with me!!!