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noah's ark mosaic


Anonymous said...

What a fun exhibit Y. I am totally going to have to go see the ark now thanks to your wonderful photos sharing the experience with us. I always find out about the coolest and funnest things to do or watch on tv thanks to you!

I saw some Michael Kors clothing today in a store and totally had you to thank for knowing who he was and appreciating his design skills.

Anonymous said...

Had to tell you...I might reservations to go see this exhibit in August now thanks to you! A lady I met this weekend (friend of a friend) is planning to make reservations to go see it when her son gets home from a summer trip too. Skirball is going to have to pay you a "finder's fee" for all the business you are sending their way! I send you a huge thank you for sharing fun and interesting things for me and making me sound so "worldly" and fun to others!