contrary to previous posts, this is not a food blog

i've been short on family news and long on recipes, i know. food is constantly on my mind and i'm enjoying the cooking. what can i say? it's my current obsession and, not being a multi-tasker, i can't seem to get anything else done.


but there are scrapbook layouts that need to be completed and creative juices that need to be percolated and flowed (yes, i'm pretty sure the past tense of "flow" is "flowed"). i have quite a few layouts and mini-albums that are near completion; it's frustrating to see them almost done and to know that i lack the few extra drops of creativity (and time) needed to complete them.

i have to remember that each layout doesn't have to be a masterpiece (not that they ever are) and i don't need everything to be perfectly laid out or perfectly embellished. just finish the darn thing, for pete's sake! tell the story, slap the picture down, use a few pretty/cute/cool things and be done with it already. yeesh!

my hope is that i will have a few more layouts to share in the coming weeks.

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