what i made for dinner :: curry + rice

curry rice w/ eggplant, ground pork, chickpeas + shimeji mushrooms

we have a tradition on the first monday of the month :: i make japanese-style curry+rice. the reason the tradition started is because i have pta meetings on the first monday of each school month. i needed something quick to make so i can scarf down my food and run out the door after rupert got home from work.

for awhile our standard curry was chicken with onions, carrots, and potatoes. sometimes i used beef, and i even tried seafood curry (not very well-liked by anyone). one day i randomly threw in shimeji mushrooms, which led me to become a bit more adventurous with my ingredients. lately, the parents' favorite is eggplant curry with ground pork, shimeji, and chickpeas. it's really quite good with a nice balance of textures and flavors. maya likes it too, but i still make a smaller batch of the chicken curry for ian.

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