what i made for dinner :: slow cooked carnitas + roasted tomatillo salsa

slow-cooked carnitas salad w/ roasted tomatillo salsa

i haven't posted about dinner in awhile but that doesn't mean i haven't been cooking. mind you, i haven't been making dinner every night, but i do cook. earlier this week i whipped up an impromptu pot roast that came out pretty well with minimal effort.

i was a good little girl this week and actually went through the supermarket circulars to see what was on sale and checked my list of recipes i want to try out. success -- a match! slow cooked carnitas with roatsed tomatillo salsa from the april 2008 issue of bon appetit.

this recipe is super easy because it requires very few ingredients and cooks in the slow cooker for 6 hours, so it's very hands-off. i did make some modifications to both the carnitas and salsa.

carnitas :: instead of 2 teaspoons of salt i used 1 teaspoon, and that was plenty. i also added some garlic powder, ground cumin and ground coriander. because of my "diet," i decided to put some carnitas and salsa on a salad instead of consuming it in tacos as the rest of the family did. i totally enjoyed it and loved that the salad required no dressing. (i used organic mixed greens, tomatoes, red pepper, and avocado.)

salsa :: i'd never used tomatillos before but this salsa is incredibly simple and really quite good; a perfect way to use a vegetable for the first time. rupert liked it more than the carnitas and wants me to make more. i followed the recipe closely, but i also roasted a clove of garlic. actually, i might add more garlic next time for that extra blast of flavor.

the recipe is part of bon appetit's "family style" column -- recipes that are supposed to be easy, kid-friendly, and also provide leftovers. the leftovers recipe using the carnitas is for cubanos, cuban sandwiches. i'm tempted to try the sandwich but rupert is thinking of putting the carnitas into quesadillas. either way, i betcha it'll be good.

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